Fiddle Hell Schedule

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Friday 11:00AM REGISTRATION OPENS Arthur Smith Room 5

Fiddle Hell On-Site Registration Opens. Go to the Registration Desk in the Arthur Smith Room 5 near the right front entrance of the Westford Regency Inn. Sign in, get a stylish wristband and nametag, pick up a Program Brochure, perhaps buy a newly-designed T-shirt ($15 or 2 for $25). Then, look for your fellow fiddlers; cellists; and mandolin, guitar, and banjo players everywhere around you. Saturday and weekend registrations include the Saturday night concert and dance for free.

T-shirts, instructors' CDs and books, and Andy's clocks are also in the Arthur Smith Room 5, which closes at 10:40PM Friday.
Carriage House Violins (Johnson String Instrument) will have fiddles, bows, strings and accessories, and Justin will be able to perform minor set-up work for you (during the day).
Jon Cooper will have splendid violins to show.

Friday FOOD Quick Lunches, Snacks, and Coffee in Lower Hallway 11:00AM-6:30PM

Cash Lunch Concession with inexpensive choices: Vegetarian Wrap with Grilled Veggies, Roast Turkey & Bacon Wrap, Hot Dog, Individual Pizza, Soup, Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, Fruit, Cookies, Chips, COFFEE, Soda, Bottled Water. Eat on the go, at a session, or perhaps upstairs in one of the two Quiet Rooms.

Friday 11:30AM-12:15PM Fiddle, Cello, Mandolin WARMUP DROP IN First Thing Friday Warmup: Scales, Fingers, Bow, Head & Body 0 All Levels Mellie Dunham Room 1 Ellen Carlson (fiddle)

Get ready for the first day at Fiddle Hell by warming up your body and mind.

Friday 12:30-1:30PM Fiddle, Mandolin NEW 52 Learn a Simple Cape Breton Jig with Bowing and a Few Ornaments 1 Beg Mellie Dunham Room 1 Andrea Beaton (fiddle)

Andrea says: "We’ll learn "The Stool of Repentence" and work on the Cape Breton jig dance rhythm. Written by Niel Gow, this is widely played in Cape Breton as well as Scotland." Fiddle Hell is delighted to have Andrea back for her third year.

Friday 12:30-1:30PM Fiddle Southern Fiddle My Way on Friday 1 Beg Julia Clifford Room 34 Pete Sutherland (fiddle)

Pete says: "The first fiddling I fell hard for was Southern. Loved the groove, the swing of it, the simple melodies that seemed to grow out of the bowing. I love sharing the ingredients that make this happen."

Friday 12:30-1:30PM Any Instrument Gentle Welcome Jam 1 Beg Sarah Armstrong Room 36 David Kaynor (fiddle, guitar)

Welcome to Fiddle Hell, beginners and anyone who wants to ease into the weekend!  Nice straightforward tunes, relaxed tempos, and a sociable atmosphere, with a fine teacher to lead the way.

Friday 12:30-1:30PM Mandolin Picking Techniques for Mandolin 1 Beg 2 Low Int Bill Monroe Room 345 Rob Flax (mandolin)

Rob will cover the critical downs and ups of picking techniques for reels and jigs. If your goal is to pick more cleanly, more consistently in rhythm, and with better tone, this is the session for you. Look for Rob's new CD in the FH store. 

Friday 12:30-1:30PM Fiddle DROP IN Beginner's Help on Fiddle with Julie 1 Beg 2 Low Int Charlotte Moorman Room 390 Julie Metcalf (fiddle)

Right hand, left hand, intonation, tone, tunes, and more (drop in for just a few minutes or stay the whole time).

Friday 12:30-1:30PM Fiddle Basic Bowing Technique with Pam 1 Beg 2 Low Int 3 High Int 4 Adv Tommy Jarrell Room 3 Pam Wiley (fiddle)

Pam will help you control the bow with your right arm (larger muscles) rather than your hand for better tone and smoother playing. She has been a symphony player for 28 years, a well known Suzuki teacher for 40 years, and an avid back-porch fiddler since the early 70s. She founded and directed the first American Music Camp (first as "O'Connor Method Camp") in SC; it's now in its 6th year. Pam's a great new addition to Fiddle Hell!

Friday 12:30-1:30PM Banjo Oldtime Banjo Workshop to Learn Wilson Douglas's "Stoney Point" 2 Low Int Dock Boggs Room 347 Allison de Groot (banjo)

We will learn a crooked version of Stoney Point from West Virginian fiddler Wilson Douglas. We will learn the tune by ear, but tablature will be provided and bring a recording device (mp3 recorder, smartphone, iPad, or other). Look for Allison's CDs in the FH store, with the Goodbye Girls and with Molsky's Mountain Drifters.

Friday 12:30-1:30PM Any Instrument How to Participate in a Jam Session 2 Low Int Joe Venuti Room 31 Cathy Mason (fiddle) & Tim Rowell (banjo) & Art Bryan (guitar)

Cathy will teach effective social and musical jam participation strategies. Learn how to play along with tunes you've never played before and make friends at the same time. Tim and Cathy co-lead monthly jam sessions and often perform together.  Check out their CD with The Hi-Tone Ramblers in the FH Store. Also, check out Fiddle Hell's Jamming Guidelines.

Friday 12:30-1:30PM Fiddle, Mandolin Great But Little-Known Shetland Tunes 2 Low Int Bob Wills Room 35 Ed Pearlman (fiddle)

Many people know Shetland tunes such as Willafjord, Sleep Soond Ida Moarnin, and Da Slockit Light, but there are so many great tunes from Shetland that most of them fly under the radar.  You'll get to choose your favorites to learn from a variety of samples Ed will play; sheet music and recordings will be available afterward.

Friday 12:30-1:30PM Fiddle, Mandolin Learn a Nice Québecois Tune "La Clog de Pariseau" 2 Low Int J. Scott Skinner Room 33 Éric Favreau (fiddle)

Begin your weekend with a nice Québecois tune from the repertoire of Alfred Montmarquette, known for his dashing style. Clog de Pariseau is a tribute to Albert's friend - accordionist Louis-Philippe Pariseau. Éric is a super player and a fun teacher.

Friday 12:30-1:30PM Fiddle, Cello Practical Tips to Refine Your Sound 2 Low Int Don Messer Room 4 Gretchen Koehler (fiddle)

Not sounding exactly the way you'd like?  Understanding the relationship between bowing speed and weight, and between finger pressure and placement, will help you improve your overall tone and clarity.  With slight playing adjustments, Gretchen will help you expand your "tone bank" and will offer practice techniques to continue working on at home.

Friday 12:30-1:30PM Fiddle NEW 52 Learn "Cutting Ferns" (Scottish Strathspey from the New 52) 2 Low Int Kenny Baker Room 32 Hanneke Cassel (fiddle)

We'll learn this iconic and fun strathspey, focusing on playing it with intensity. The strathspey is said to have originated from the strath or broad glen of the River Spey in NE Scotland. In 4/4 time, but slower than a reel, it contains dotted rhythms, including the Scotch (Scots) snap.

Friday 12:30-1:30PM Guitar Beginning Bass Runs on the Guitar 2 Low Int Buddy MacMaster Room 37 Stash Wyslouch (guitar)

Bass runs are a quintessential part of the folk-guitar vocabulary. They expand on the basic boom-chuck rhythm heard throughout the world and propel tunes and songs forward. Come to this workshop to get your bass runs going with a few quick tricks to get from chord X to chord Y. 

Friday 12:30-1:30PM Fiddle, Mandolin Learn a Gutsy Irish Tune with Ornaments 2 Low Int Jean Carignan Room 2 Tom Morley (fiddle)

Tom Morley (fiddle) - Tom has a real talent for communicating the ideas and techniques behind traditional Irish melodies.  Dig in to a jig, "The Price of My Pig," and a reel, "Shannon Breeze" if time permits.

Friday 12:30-1:30PM Any Instrument Welcome Multi-Style Jam 3 High Int Hjort Anders Olsson Room 6 Andy Reiner (fiddle), Joy Adams (cello, banjo), Mali Obomsawin (bass)

New England, oldtime, Irish, bluegrass, Scottish, and the unexpected.  Mix and match to start your Fiddle Hell weekend. Says Darol Anger: "Andy Reiner is an exceptional creative presence in this rapidly evolving Fiddle world, and he stands tall among his peers as an agent of positive change." Joy and Mali bring out the really big fiddles to hold down the growly low end.

Friday 12:30-1:30PM Fiddle, Mandolin, Cello Learn a New Favorite Keith Murphy Tune for Contra Dancing 3 High Int Vassar Clements Room 391 Becky Tracy (fiddle)

Keith Murphy is a great guitar, mandolin, and keyboard player, who is married to Becky Tracy. Says Becky: "Many of Keith’s new reels this past year have a driving and quirky quality. We’ll learn one of those." Look for Becky's solo and band CDs in the FH store.

Friday 12:30-1:30PM Fiddle Learn a Great Irish Reel 3 High Int Lonnie Johnson Room 7 Duncan Wickel (fiddle)

We're not sure just what tune Duncan will teach. Here he is playing a jig and a reel in the Under-18 Fiddle competition at Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann 2006. Did you know that Duncan also plays the uilleann pipes?

Friday 12:30-1:30PM Guitar Irish Guitar Workshop 3 High Int Dewey Balfa Room 392 Flynn Cohen (guitar)

Flynn will cover both lead and backup playing. He's "… an extraordinary accompanist of traditional music" – John Whelan

Friday 12:30-1:30PM Mandolin, Fiddle Hot Techniques for Swing Mandolin 4 Adv Benny Thomasson Room 8 Jason Anick (mandolin) & Peter Anick (guitar)

We will work on the essential elements of soloing within a swing setting, including rhythm, picking technique, phrasing, dynamics, and more. Says Mike Marshall: “Jason Anick's playing has a wonderful clarity and creativity and his compositions offer a modern jazz approach to our instrument which is truly refreshing and inspired.”

Friday 12:30-1:30PM Fiddle Learn a Challenging "Bazurka" Composed by Calvin Volrath and Gordon Stobbe 4 Adv Maybelle Carter Room 346 Frank Ferrel (fiddle)

Calvin and Gordon are Canadian fiddling greats, who composed this tune in 1999. After Gordon wrote an "out of the box" A part in D minor, Calvin thought deeply and put together a matching B part in D major. They knew the result wasn't a jig or waltz or reel or even a clog. At the Emma Lake Fiddle Camp, someone excitedly called it a Mazurka and they were thrilled. After they played it on the evening concert, they were informed it was nothing like a Mazurka but more like a "Bazurka," and that became its lighthearted name.

Friday 12:30-1:30PM Fiddle, Mandolin Going Beyond Harvest Home - Advanced Hornpipes 4 Adv Jean Ritchie Room 389 Clayton March (fiddle)

Hornpipes just seem perfect to learn at the end of a long day at Fiddle Hell. Find a few kindred spirits and hang with Clayton for this workshop. He'll teach "The Stage" and if time permits, "The Autograph." The latter is often paired with the "Low Level Hornpipe."

Friday 2:00-3:00PM Fiddle Easy Oldtime Fiddle Workshop on Friday 1 Beg Tommy Jarrell Room 3 Bruce Molsky (fiddle)

If you’re new to oldtime fiddling, or newish to the fiddle, Bruce will lead you through the basics, including what to listen for and how to find your way into a simple tune. Bruce has a number of wonderful DVDs and CDs in the FH store.

Friday 2:00-3:00PM Fiddle, Mandolin, Cello How to Learn Tunes by Ear Workshop with Dave 1 Beg 2 Low Int 3 High Int Joe Venuti Room 31 Dave Reiner (fiddle)

Effective strategies and tips to make learning by ear easier, with time to try them out during the workshop.  This will help you at Fiddle Hell and for the rest of your life.

Friday 2:00-3:00PM Fiddle Introduction to Québecois Fiddle Style with “Le Reel du Gaucher” 1 Beg Jean Carignan Room 2 Éric Favreau (fiddle)

From the fiddler Henri Landry of Pontbriand, this is a nice reel with short phrases, interesting to play in different ways. Landry learned the tune - translated as "Left-Hander's Reel" - from a kindly, poor, eccentric old fiddler, Thomas "Quêteux" Pomerleau (according to Dance ce Soir, by Laurie Hart and Greg Sandell).  Éric's here all weekend to teach tunes in the French Canadian style of beauty, feeling, rhythm, and excitement.

Friday 2:00-3:00PM Cello Beginning Cello Workshop 1 Beg Bill Monroe Room 345 Joy Adams (cello)

Learn how to become a cello chameleon! Shred the melody like a fiddler, groove like a bass, and chop like a drummer. We will also discuss modifying fiddle tunes to suit the cello.

Friday 2:00-3:00PM Fiddle DROP IN Technical Help on Fiddle with Pam 1 Beg 2 Low Int 3 High Int 4 Adv Charlotte Moorman Room 390 Pam Wiley (fiddle)

Pam is a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher of fiddle technique! Right hand, left hand, intonation, tone, vibrato (drop in for just a few minutes or stay the whole time).

Friday 2:00-3:00PM Fiddle, Mandolin Learn a Beautiful Irish Jig 2 Low Int Sarah Armstrong Room 36 Becky Tracy (fiddle)

Becky will teach "Paddy Taylor’s #1" in the key of D. We’ll take it slow and learn it in a simplified, beautiful way, and then add rolls. Becky studied Irish fiddling styles with Brendan Mulvihill and Eugene O’Donnell, and is a fantastic teacher.

Friday 2:00-3:00PM Fiddle Bowing Patterns & Rhythms That Bring Life to Appalachian Tunes 2 Low Int Benny Thomasson Room 8 Alan Kaufman (fiddle)

Alan Kaufman (fiddle) - From anticipation to syncopation, from bow rocks to slurs, Alan will show you the details of how it's done, in the context of a classic Southern oldtime tune or two. Alan wrote the book Beginning Old-Time Fiddle and he’s a patient and experienced teacher.

Friday 2:00-3:00PM Fiddle, Mandolin Learn a Simple Cape Breton Waltz with Bowing and a Few Ornaments 2 Low Int J. Scott Skinner Room 33 Andrea Beaton (fiddle)

Andrea will show you "Mist Covered Mountains," a nice waltz commonly played in Cape Breton that may have came from a Gaelic Air. And of course, she'll help you make it sound Cape Breton-esque. Look for Andrea's CDs in the FH Store.

Friday 2:00-3:00PM Fiddle, Mandolin Learn an Easy Tune from The Connecticut River Valley 2 Low Int Bob Wills Room 35 David Kaynor (fiddle)

There's a rich heritage of tunes and contra dancing in this Valley, which covers parts of Western MA and southern VT. David hails from that area and will transport you there with an accessible tune from this fertile valley of the earth and mind.

Friday 2:00-3:00PM Fiddle, Mandolin, Cello Learn an Easy Mariachi Tune 2 Low Int Maybelle Carter Room 346 Julie Metcalf (fiddle) & Marshall Racowsky (guitar)

We'll learn a charming Mariachi tune with harmonies. Mariachi originated in Guadalajara, in Jalisco, Mexico. Don't miss Julie's CDs in the FH store and Marshall's Fiddle Hell Chili recipe in the program booklet.

Friday 2:00-3:00PM Fiddle Ensemble Skills for Playing in Groups 2 Low Int Hjort Anders Olsson Room 6 Ron Grosslein (fiddle)

Do you enjoy playing with others?  Most of us do!  Ron will take you through a small set of important skills to make this easier for you and improve the ensemble sound at the same time.

Friday 2:00-3:00PM Banjo How to Learn a Fiddle Tune on the Fly for Banjo Players 2 Low Int Vassar Clements Room 391 Tim Rowell (banjo)

This is a critical skill for banjo players, especially for oldtime tunes.  Tim knows the secrets and will share them happily.

Friday 2:00-3:00PM Fiddle Fun Fiddle Tricks You Can Do 2 Low Int Dewey Balfa Room 392 Van Kaynor (fiddle)

Van will guide you through a fiddler's dozen (17) sounds and techniques, from ringing notes and virtual pitches through sirens, mosquitoes, geese, trains and more. 

Friday 2:00-3:00PM Fiddle, Mandolin Learn Tunes from Canadian Masters Don Messer and Ward Allen 3 High Int Dock Boggs Room 347 George Fowler (fiddle) & Art Bryan (guitar)

Messer and Allen were big fiddle stars in mid-20th c. Canada and have left us an incredible legacy of great dance music. We’ll learn Messer’s “Honest John” jig and Allen’s “Frisco Waltz.” Look for George and Art's CDs (including The Montville Project) in the FH store.

Friday 2:00-3:00PM Fiddle, Mandolin NEW 52 Learn "Minor Swing" in Am 3 High Int Kenny Baker Room 32 Jason Anick (fiddle) & Pete Anick (guitar)

Written by Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli, this is a Gypsy jazz anthem. Apart from the brief introduction and final coda or playout, there is no discernable melody, just a repeated sequence of chord changes over which players improvise continuously until by some mutual agreement the end is decided and the playout performed. Jason will show you the way. Don't forget to pick up your NEW 52 CDs in the FH store.

Friday 2:00-3:00PM Fiddle Learn a Contemporary Scottish Fiddle Tune 3 High Int Julia Clifford Room 34 Hanneke Cassel (fiddle)

The Scottish tradition is full of ancient tunes that echo over the centuries. But today's fiddlers are broadening that repertoire with contemporary tunes as well.  Learn a fine one!  Look for Hanneke's CDs in the FH store.

Friday 2:00-3:00PM Fiddle, Voice The Dark Art of Singing with the Fiddle in Harmony 3 High Int Lonnie Johnson Room 7 Pete Sutherland (fiddle, vocals)

Not a dark art at all, really, but undeniably magical, even when it's not all that technical. Pete likes getting fiddlers of all kinds to go beyond their limits, to get tight with both their fiddling 'voice' AND their singing voice and connect them. "[Pete's performances] shine with a pure spirit, which infuses every bit of his music and cannot fail to move all who hear him." - The American Festival of Fiddle Tunes.

Friday 2:00-3:00PM Banjo Building Variations into Tunes on Oldtime Banjo 4 Adv Jean Ritchie Room 389 Allison de Groot (banjo)

This workshop will go over ways to build variations into tunes, sending you home with tools you can incorporate into any tune. It can be difficult to break away from a banjo arrangement in a jam and rely on muscle memory, so we will discuss how to break down a tune and then rebuild to make it more interesting. We will learn by ear, but tablature will be provided and bring a recording device.

Friday 2:00-3:00PM Fiddle Irish Fiddle Workshop with Amy 4 Adv Buddy MacMaster Room 37 Amy Beshara (fiddle)

In this advanced level class, we'll work on an Irish tune in a more challenging key, possibly including 3rd position. We'll take it deeper than just the notes, with suggested bowings and ornamentation that bring out the lilt and feel of Irish fiddling.

Friday 2:00-3:00PM Fiddle NEW 52 Learn "Petronella," a Classic New England Tune 4 Adv Mellie Dunham Room 1 Lissa Schneckenburger (fiddle)

The traditional music of New England can be as warm and comforting as a winter fire or as potent and exhilarating as a summer thunderstorm. Lissa is a master of both moods; she'll teach "Petronella" (from her Dance CD, one of several in the FH store) and perhaps a second tune if time permits. With all the string crossings, it can be challenging to keep Petronella sounding clean and give it lift for the dancers. Bring your recorder.

Friday 2:00-3:00PM Guitar and Fiddle Bungle Melodies Beautifully, Baby! 4 Adv Don Messer Room 4 Stash Wyslouch (guitar) & Duncan Wickel (fiddle)

Learn how to unconventionally alter beautiful traditional melodies into odd, angular, and mind-bending jewels of your own. This class focuses on weird double stops on the guitar and fiddle and exploring non-diatonic possibilities of tunes. Half of "The Stash Band"!

Friday 3:30-4:30PM For All Listeners MINI CONCERT "Distinctive Fiddle Styles" 0 All Levels Buddy MacMaster Room 37 Amy Beshara (fiddle) & Frank Ferrel (fiddle) & Art Schatz (fiddle) / Marshall Racowsky (guitar)

Relax and enjoy some fine fiddling in Irish/Scottish, Down East, and Western Swing styles from three super fiddlers. 

Friday 3:30-4:30PM Fiddle, Cello Bow Chopping Workshop 1 Beg 2 Low Int 3 High Int 4 Adv Tommy Jarrell Room 3 Andy Reiner (fiddle) & Joy Adams (cello, fiddle)

A modern fiddling technique for both backup and leads, like playing drums on your fiddle or cello. Crunches, ghost notes, syncopation - it’s all there and nobody does it better than Andy and Joy.

Friday 3:30-4:30PM Fiddle, Mandolin, Cello The Secrets of Backing Up a Singer 1 Beg 2 Low Int 3 High Int Joe Venuti Room 31 Dave Reiner (fiddle) & Paul Harty (singer, guitar) & Cindy Eid (singer)

Hear and see exactly how it's done, and try it yourself. Examples in multiple styles, from bluegrass, blues, and folk to other styles. Helpful handout on back-up approaches and on chords. 

Friday 3:30-4:30PM Fiddle DROP IN Help for Beginning Fiddlers 1 Beg 2 Low Int Benny Thomasson Room 8 Gretchen Koehler (fiddle)

Drop in for a few minutes or stay for a while. Left hand, right hand, style, tone, technique - Gretchen will help wherever you'd like.

Friday 3:30-4:30PM Cello Slow Airs and Ornaments 2 Low Int Hjort Anders Olsson Room 6 Abby Newton (cello)

Slow airs are the heart of Scottish cello playing; slow, beautiful and soulful. Ornaments give character to the simple melody. We will discuss different possibilities while learning a short slow air. Look for Abby's books and CDs in the FH store.

Friday 3:30-4:30PM Any traditional instrument Oldtime Jam - Somewhat S l o w 2 Low Int Don Messer Room 4 Alan Kaufman (fiddle) & Tim Rowell (banjo)

Southern oldtime tunes are hypnotic, rhythmic, and sometimes highly modal. They come around enough times at a jam that you can learn some of them on the fly. Alan leads many local oldtime jams with high enjoyment levels; look for his new CD of original tunes in the FH store. Tim teaches banjo and plays with several local bands.  Alan and Tim promise this session will be somewhat s l o w. Really, they do.

Friday 3:30-4:30PM Fiddle, Cello Cajun Fiddle Workshop on "Fi Fi Poncho" 2 Low Int Maybelle Carter Room 346 Cathy Mason (fiddle), Steve Arkin (guitar)

Through the magic of the seductive Cajun rhythm, learn to play and back up a rollicking traditional tune, "Fi Fi Poncho." 

Friday 3:30-4:30PM Mandolin Mandolin for Fiddle Players 2 Low Int Bill Monroe Room 345 Flynn Cohen (mandolin)

Mandolin is a great instrument for fiddlers to double on. Flynn's session will focus on the aspects that can be vexing for fiddlers: chords and pick technique.

Friday 3:30-4:30PM Fiddle French Canadian Bowing 101 2 Low Int Sarah Armstrong Room 36 Don Roy (fiddle)

A big part of the rhythm and sound of French Canadian / Québecois / Franco American fiddling comes from the bowing.  Don, at Fiddle Hell for the first time, will lead you through these bowing techniques in the context of tunes.

Friday 3:30-4:30PM Any Instrument It's a Blues Jam! 2 Low Int Dock Boggs Room 347 Rob Flax (fiddle, guitar, vocals) & Mali Obomsawin (bass)

Who says you have to wait until late at night for some 12-bar blues? 

Friday 3:30-4:30PM Fiddle Bowing Secrets for an Oldtime Sound 3 High Int Mellie Dunham Room 1 Bruce Molsky (fiddle)

The bow is the engine that powers melody and phrasing in oldtime fiddling. Bruce will break down some specific bowings and show how they give tunes the unique oldtime feeling. "Molsky is easily one of the nation's most talented fiddlers...he transports you ... geographically, historically, and most of all emotionally" - Mother Jones.

Friday 3:30-4:30PM Fiddle NEW 52 The Mechanics of Irish Ornamentation 3 High Int Bob Wills Room 35 Clayton March (fiddle)

"Father Kelly's" (from the New 52 common tunes) will be the canvas.  Cuts, rolls, spitting triplets, and serpentine bowings will be the paint.  Get in to the nitty gritty of Irish ornamentation with a focus on how to use your fingers and hands to create a vibrant masterpiece.

Friday 3:30-4:30PM Fiddle Swedish Hambo Bowing Ideas and Rhythmic Nuances 3 High Int Lonnie Johnson Room 7 Van Kaynor (fiddle)

Van will get you bowing Swedish Hambo rhythm with open strings, then apply it to a simple tune. You will also be introduced to tapping your feet on beats 1 and 3 to make your hambos more danceable. (Hint: the beats are not an even three, so leave your metronomes off for this workshop!). Van plays with Ron Grosslein and Eric Eid-Reiner in The Moving Violations - look for their fine CD in the FH store.

Friday 3:30-4:30PM Fiddle, Mandolin NEW 52 Learn a Traditional Bluegrass Tune "Blackberry Blossom" 3 High Int J. Scott Skinner Room 33 Ellen Carlson (fiddle) & John Robinson (guitar)

Ellen Carlson (fiddle) & John Robinson (guitar) - This great tune comes up a lot in jams. Ellen will have a few variations and bluegrassy bowings to add once you know the basic tune. Dave Reiner plays some nice variations on this tune on the NEW 52 2-CD set.

Friday 3:30-4:30PM Fiddle, Mandolin New Tunes from Scotland 4 Adv Julia Clifford Room 34 Ed Pearlman (fiddle)

The vibrancy of Scottish music today is unbelievable and yet little of it makes it over the ocean.  Learn a few contemporary favorites by today's fiddlers. Ed played a central role in creating the Boston Scottish music scene, and he's a great teacher.

Friday 3:30-4:30PM Fiddle Two Fantastic But Tricky Contra Dance Tunes 4 Adv Kenny Baker Room 32 Ron Grosslein (fiddle)

You might know Tommy's Tarbukas and Catharsis already, or will pick them up quickly. Ron will help you clean them up and be ready for prime time.

Friday FOOD and DRINK at Old Joe Clark's Pub 4PM-11PM Friday Old Joe Clark's Pub Room 9

Hungry? Thirsty? Food and drinks available at Old Joe Clark's Pub off the Lobby. Special menu for Fiddle Hell of relatively fast dishes.

Friday 4:30-5:00PM Any Instrument FLASH MOB Running Sound 101 0 All Levels Buddy MacMaster Room 37 Oliver Scanlon (sound engineer)

Microphones, mixer, speakers - what's it all about? Right after the mini-concert, Oliver will talk through a few of the basics.  We might use a volunteer instrumentalist or two to experiment on. A more advanced version offered at 3PM on Sunday.

Friday 4:30-5:00PM DANCE FLASH MOB Short Intro to Step Dancing for Beginners 1 Beg Tommy Jarrell Room 3 Cindy Roy (step dancer)

Just the basic step can get you through the whole party. Here's a quick chance to try some step dancing with Cindy Roy. Also offered Sunday at 3:00-3:30PM.

Friday 4:30-5:00PM Any Instrument FLASH MOB NEW 52 Gather to Play Crooked Stovepipe and Reel de Montréal 3 High Int Mellie Dunham Room 1 Frank Ferrel (fiddle), Eric Eid-Reiner (piano)

From 4:40 to 4:50PM, Frank and Eric will host an up-to-speed playthrough of these two great dance tunes on the instrument of your choice. If you like, stick around for the New England jam that follows at 5PM.

Friday 5:00-6:00PM Any Instrument The Nitty Gritty Details of Practicing to Improve 1 Beg 2 Low Int 3 High Int 4 Adv Bill Monroe Room 345 Becky Tracy (fiddle)

Bring your issue, whether it’s about bowing, ornaments, fingering, or phrasing, and we’ll brainstorm ways to work on it. I have some techniques I have explored with my students that we will try out.

Friday 5:00-6:00PM Fiddle, Mandolin Learn an Easy Québecois Reel 1 Beg Sarah Armstrong Room 36 Don Roy (fiddle)

Don will teach an easy reel at a relaxed pace, including a few key bowings and ornaments. Don has been a pivotal member of many successful groups and now performs internationally with the Don Roy Ensemble. Did you know he makes fiddles and other stringed instruments?  Look for Don's CDs in the FH store.

Friday 5:00-6:00PM Fiddle Easy and Beautiful Gaelic Melodies from Scotland 1 Beg Lonnie Johnson Room 7 Ed Pearlman (fiddle)

The Highlands and Islands of Scotland have given rise to some of the most beautiful of Celtic melodies, some haunting, some upbeat.  Some of the best are uncomplicated and easy to learn.

Friday 5:00-6:00PM Cello DROP IN Cello Help and Workshop 1 Beg 2 Low Int 3 High Int 4 Adv Charlotte Moorman Room 390 Joy Adams (cello)

How do I survive all these fiddle tunes in A major? Am I holding my bow right? What's a Block Strap? Bring in any question you may have about your cello. Stay a little while or for the whole hour.

Friday 5:00-6:00PM Fiddle Ergonomic Fiddling and Technique 1 Beg 2 Low Int 3 High Int 4 Adv Kenny Baker Room 32 Lissa Scheckenburger (fiddle)

Lots of musicians experience technical stumbling blocks that get in the way of their musical expression, and sometimes even give them pain. We’ll look at how good technique can help us play fiddle pain-free and sound better than ever.

Friday 5:00-6:00PM Fiddle An Introduction to Bluegrass Fiddling 2 Low Int J. Scott Skinner Room 33 Pete Anick (fiddle, vocals) & Tony Watt (guitar, vocals)

We’ll learn “Wheel Hoss,” a standard bluegrass fiddle tune in G, and talk about all the nuances which make it sound bluegrassy. In particular, we’ll work on some “longbowing” tricks that make it easier to play at a fast clip. Tony will anchor the rhythm - look for his guided bluegrass jams and workshops throughout the rest of the weekend. Trivia: Peter Anick and Dave Reiner have played in many bands together over the years, including Hot Off the Frets ("All the notes that fit, they play").  

Friday 5:00-6:00PM Any Traditional Instrument Oldtime Southern Jam with Molsky's Mountain Drifters 2 Low Int Tommy Jarrell Room 3 Bruce Molsky (fiddle) & Stash Wyslouch (guitar) & Allison De Groot (banjo)

Tunes will be at a moderate tempo and we’ll play each one for a while. Read more about Molsky's Mountain Drifters.

Friday 5:00-6:00PM Any Instrument Intermediate New England Jam 2 Low Int 3 High Int Mellie Dunham Room 1 David Kaynor (fiddle) & Eric Eid-Reiner (piano)

Some easy tunes, some a touch harder.  Share, request, learn, listen, record, ENJOY! Both Eric and David have CDs and more in the FH store.

Friday 5:00-6:00PM Fiddle Oldtime Fiddle Technique for Violinists AND Violin Technique for Fiddlers 2 Low Int 3 High Int Don Messer Room 4 Judy Hyman (fiddle)

Judy will teach a simple oldtime tune and then use it to help violinists get a more fiddle-y sound and fiddlers to improve their violin technique. Along the way everyone will learn different perspectives on playing the instrument. Much of the workshop will be at a Low Intermediate level, and High Intermediates are also welcome (perhaps you've been playing New England style and are looking to sound more Southern). Judy plays with The Horse Flies, various fiddle bands, and has toured several times with pop singer Natalie Merchant.

Friday 5:00-6:00PM Fiddle DROP IN Intermediate Fiddle Questions Answered 2 Low Int 3 High Int Vassar Clements Room 391 Julie Metcalf (fiddle)

You're not a beginner, but you might still have questions on fiddling technique involving bowing, left hand, intonation, tone, tunes, and techniques across multiple styles.  Drop in for just a few minutes or stay the whole time; Julie will make you welcome.

Friday 5:00-6:00PM Fiddle Deceptively Simple: Bringing Trad Irish Tunes to Life 2 Low Int Buddy MacMaster Room 37 Laurel Martin (fiddle)

It’s deceptively simple!…..or is it deceptively challenging? Come and find out! We’ll explore some of the secrets of making even the simplest traditional Irish tunes sound enthralling. We’ll learn a barn dance by ear and will explore some subtle bowing and variation techniques to add nuance and musicality. Says Fiddler Magazine about Laurel: "... a gift indeed. Straight-up trad in a Clare kind of way, and very well done."

Friday 5:00-6:00PM Mandolin What Can Fiddlers Learn from Playing Mandolin? 2 Low Int Jean Ritchie Room 389 Rob Flax (mandolin)

Bring a mandolin if you want to be hands-on. The violin and the mandolin are tuned the same  so anyone who knows how to play fiddle can learn to play mandolin too! Rob will lead you through the nuts and bolts of picking up a new instrument, including left and right hand technique (and what that will do for your violin playing!), various chord voicings, and a deeper look at how to groove (on both instruments!).

Friday 5:00-6:00PM Fiddle Learn an Irish Reel as Played by Kevin Burke 2 Low Int Bob Wills Room 35 Tom Morley (fiddle)

Tom channels one of the most influential modern Irish fiddlers, who performed and recorded with The Bothy Band, Patrick Street, and the Celtic Fiddle Festival. He'll teach "The Glen of Aherlow," a reel also known as "Lafferty's," which starts with a distinctive three note phrase, repeated twice. Tom's own fiddling “evokes memories of players in the rich fiddling hotbed of western and northern counties in Ireland…” - Manus McGuire.

Friday 5:00-6:00PM Fiddle Techniques to Build Speed in Reels 2 Low Int Benny Thomasson Room 8 Van Kaynor (fiddle)

Van will guide you in how speed can be increased in a Reel that has runs of 16th notes. We will all play a small section of a tune with various different rhythms and with doubles, triples, and quadruples. The result: speed and clarity will increase, guaranteed!

Friday 5:00-6:00PM Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Cello DROP IN to Try Some Western Swing 2 Low Int Dewey Balfa Room 392 Art Schatz (fiddle) & Marshall Racowsky (guitar)

Drop in for a few minutes or stay for a while to try out some Western Swing tunes. It's a style that combines hot fiddling and improvising with a great dance beat, on classics like Take Me Back to Tulsa. Art and Marshall go way back with Fiddle Hell, and play together in the Beantown Buckaroos.

Friday 5:00-6:00PM Fiddle Learn "Beans," a Two-Step Composed by Frank Ferrel 3 High Int Dock Boggs Room 347 Frank Ferrel (fiddle)

Learn this new two-step composed for the North American Fiddler’s Hall of Fame this year by 2017 NAFHOF inductee and fine teacher Frank Ferrel. Look for Frank's books and CDs in the FH Store. "One of the finest masters of the genre" - Scott Alarik, Boston Globe.

Friday 5:00-6:00PM Fiddle, Cello One Melody: Five Styles 3 High Int Maybelle Carter Room 346 Julie Lyonn Lieberman (fiddle)

Julie will take an Irish tune and convert it into Appalachian, rock, bluegrass, and Klezmer styles while teaching right- and left-hand techniques that help move the tune through those styles.

Friday 5:00-6:00PM Fiddle Oldtime Indiana Tunes from Lotus Dickey 3 High Int Hjort Anders Olsson Room 6 Pete Sutherland (fiddle)

Indiana is a crossroads of fiddling. Lotus was a true treasure of American music and fiddling was just one of his talents. It was privilege for me to have spent some of the 1980's in his company, I in my 30's, he in his 70's. I love sharing his music and stories. I'll teach a couple of his pieces.

Friday 5:00-6:00PM Fiddle, Mandolin Learn Fundamental Gypsy Jazz Techniques 4 Adv Joe Venuti Room 31 Jason Anick (fiddle)

Jason will help you to achieve that authentic sound and feel of Gypsy Jazz (vibrato, tone, phrasing, and more). Look for Jason’s solo CDs and those with the Rhythm Future Quartet in the FH store.

Friday 5:00-6:00PM Fiddle, Mandolin Learn a Couple of Favorite Tunes from the Beaton and MacMaster Families of Mabou 4 Adv Julia Clifford Room 34 Andrea Beaton (fiddle)

Says Andrea: "The Beaton tune will be "Ann MacQuarrie's Reel," written by my grandfather, Donald Angus Beaton. The MacMaster tune will be a jig that was played often by my uncle, Buddy MacMaster."  Andrea came down from Cape Breton just for the Fiddle Hell weekend; look for her solo CDs in the FH store.       

Friday 5:00-6:00PM Fiddle, Mandolin Québecois Gaspésie Style Workshop on "Les Mouchoirs à Ti-Phonse" 4 Adv Jean Carignan Room 2 Éric Favreau (fiddle)

From Alphonse Cotnoir, a Franco-American fiddler from Manchester, NH. Exceptional and rare. It’s a family tune - Alphonse was the great uncle of Éric Favreau. "Mouchoirs" are "handkerchiefs." Éric plays with Tidal Wave and is a master instructor of traditional Québecois tunes and techniques. 

Friday 6:30-7:30PM Cello DROP IN Ask Abby Your Cello Questions 1 Beg 2 Low Int 3 High Int 4 Adv Charlotte Moorman Room 390 Abby Newton (cello)

Drop in for a few minutes or stay for a while. Technique, style, tone, improvisation, ornaments.  Scottish, Irish, and more.  Abby will help you out.

Friday 6:30-7:30PM Any Instruments Fiddle Tune Composition Lab 1 Beg 2 Low Int 3 High Int 4 Adv Dock Boggs Room 347 Alan Kaufman (fiddle)

We'll listen to and analyze several classic "prototypes" of fiddle tunes, and dissect them into their component parts ("riffs").  As a group, we'll decide on a prototype to experiment with and collectively build the tune.  The goal is to help you with creating your own tunes.  Look for Alan's CDs in the FH store (including his recent one with original compositions).

Friday 6:30-7:30PM Banjo Getting Started on Oldtime Banjo 1 Beg Jean Ritchie Room 389 Allison de Groot (banjo)

Bring a banjo! This class is for students who are starting from the very beginning or those who want a refresher on technique. We will focus on the bum-ditty and double thumbing patterns and learn a tune you can practice them to. We will learn by ear, but tablature will be provided and it's helpful to bring a recording device.

Friday 6:30-7:30PM Fiddle DROP IN Help on Fiddle Technique on Friday 1 Beg 2 Low Int 3 High Int Dewey Balfa Room 392 Elaine Malkin (fiddle)

Sound better, play faster. Right hand, left hand, intonation, tone, vibrato, and more (drop in for just a few minutes or stay the whole time).  Maine Fiddle Campers already know Elaine, of course.

Friday 6:30-7:30PM Fiddle Explore Jig Bowing while Learning a Very Easy Jig from Maine 1 Beg Don Messer Room 4 George Fowler (fiddle) & Art Bryan (guitar)

Using “Munster Buttermilk,” a tune you may already know (but easy to learn if you don’t), we’ll show you a few ways to make your jig bowing feel more comfortable, rhythmic and flowing.

Friday 6:30-7:30PM Mandolin Early American Mandolin Styles 2 Low Int Benny Thomasson Room 8 August Watters (mandolin)

String band music, blues, introduction to Golden Era solo music too. Not for beginners, but pretty accessible, doesn’t require bluegrass or fiddle-tune technique.

Friday 6:30-7:30PM Voice, Fiddle Calling for a Dance While Playing Fiddle 2 Low Int Jean Carignan Room 2 Doug Protsik (voice, fiddle)

Doug directs the great Maine Fiddle Camp, and is clearly a multi-tasker.  He'll help you to wear multiple hats as a fiddling caller.

Friday 6:30-7:30PM Fiddle Learn an Easy Northern Tune "Bay of Fundy" via Its Components & Bowing 2 Low Int Lonnie Johnson Room 7 Frank Ferrel (fiddle)

We’ll learn this tune slowly from the ground up by its component parts, adding more elements as we go with an emphasis on bowing and intonation. It's in D, with an ear-catching loop down to a C chord and back at the beginning of the A part. Frank is a fine teacher, recognized as a master player of Northern styles. 

Friday 6:30-7:30PM Fiddle, Cello, Mandolin Blues Fiddle: From Its Roots through Today 2 Low Int Hjort Anders Olsson Room 6 Julie Lyonn Lieberman (fiddle)

Looking for a gentle entry point into improvisation through one of the first styles created in America? The blues packs an incredible array of possibilities into its 12-bar container, and has contributed elements to bluegrass, R&B, rock, boogie-woogie, swing and jazz. Julie will teach its chord form in 2 minutes or less (time her!) and preferred scale type (pentatonic). Then she'll focus on left- and right-hand techniques and approaches to improvisation. Julie will create a safe space for newbies through lots of group call and response and group soloing.

Friday 6:30-7:30PM Fiddle, Mandolin, Cello NEW 52 Learn "Trip to Moscow" (a Northumbrian March) 2 Low Int Maybelle Carter Room 346 Julie Metcalf (fiddle)

"Trip to Moscow" was composed by Ian Ball in 1995. The Reiner Family Band learned this dynamite tune from Rachel Maloney many years ago at the Meadowlark Music Camp; it's just one tune from her eclectic repertoire. The tune will definitely show up at the Whomp at 9:30PM tonight, and at the FLASH MARCH at 3:05PM Saturday. Have you bought the NEW 52 2-CD set yet in the FH store?

Friday 6:30-7:30PM Any Traditional Instrument Irish Really S l o w Jam 2 Low Int Tommy Jarrell Room 3 Tom Morley (fiddle) & Eamon Sefton (guitar)

Tom leads many slow jams, from Alabama to Ireland. Some common seisiún tunes, at a  s l o w pace. Look for Tom's Irish fiddle books and CDs, and Eamon's CD Bywater, in the FH store.

Friday 6:30-7:30PM Any Traditional Instrument, Voice Guided Bluegrass Jam for Friday Night 2 Low Int Bill Monroe Room 345 Tony Watt (guitar, mandolin, vocals) & Ellen Carlson (fiddle, vocals) & Mali Obomsawin (bass, vocals)

Tony will lead this "teacher-directed" bluegrass jam session, where students will have the opportunity to learn from each other and from discussions about how to improve their playing. Ellen will help out the fiddlers players while Mali holds down the low end on bass. Like most bluegrass jams, we won't know what songs we'll be playing beforehand, but we won't play fast instrumentals, very fast vocal tunes, or obscure/difficult songs. You don't need to be able to sing or to improvise solos to attend, but it's more fun if you can. The best way to get prepared for this jam is to learn a common bluegrass song to sing with us (you're welcome to bring a copy of the verses to read from).

Friday 6:30-7:30PM Any Traditional Instrument No Holds Barred Oldtime Jam 3 High Int Joe Venuti Room 31 Andy Reiner (fiddle) & Tim Rowell (banjo) & Joy Adams (cello)

Pull those chairs in until you're knee to knee, change keys once in a while, and you're off.  Shakin' Off the Acorns? Chinquapin Hunting? Garfield’s Blackberry Blossom? Benton's Dream? Forked Deer? Grasshopper on the Fiddle Case?

Friday 6:30-7:30PM All Traditional Instruments French Canadian Jam Session 3 High Int Mellie Dunham Room 1 Becky Tracy (fiddle) & Cindy Roy (piano)

Bring your favorite French Canadian tunes to share, and Becky will share some of hers. Should be a rocking good time. 

Friday 6:30-7:30PM Fiddle Creative Bluegrass Fiddling 3 High Int J. Scott Skinner Room 33 Duncan Wickel (fiddle) & Flynn Cohen (guitar, vocals)

How do bluegrass fiddlers achieve a bluesy and exciting sound? Duncan will teach a spectrum of techniques in the context of bluegrass fiddle tunes and songs. Look for their recordings in the FH store.

Friday 6:30-7:30PM Fiddle, Mandolin Introduction to Galician Fiddle (Spanish Celtic tradition) 3 High Int Julia Clifford Room 34 Hanneke Cassel (fiddle)

We'll learn a muiñiera (a 6/8 dance tune) in this class, layering on traditional bagpipe harmonies and Galician rhythms as we learn a little bit about the music and dance of northern Spain. Isto debe ser divertido para todos!

Friday 6:30-7:30PM Fiddle, Mandolin Learn a Fine Tune from a Young Vermont Fiddler 3 High Int Bob Wills Room 35 Oliver Scanlon (fiddle)

Multi-instrumentalist Oliver Scanlon plays with Pete Sutherland in Pete's Posse and The Clayfoot Strutters, and has a long history of awesome fiddling.  At Fiddle Hell, he's happy to pass along that tradition to you, with a fine tune selected in real-time.  Look for Oliver's debut CD in the FH store; he's also essential to the Fiddle Hell sound crew.

Friday 6:30-7:30PM Any Traditional Instrument Wild Cape Breton Jam 4 Adv Sarah Armstrong Room 36 Andrea Beaton (fiddle) & Eric Eid-Reiner (piano)

Join in with traditional fiddle music, laughter, smiles, and maybe some dancing.  On Cape Breton island, they add up to a wild ceilidh.

Friday 6:30-7:30PM Fiddle, Mandolin Learn Two Great Hellish Tunes - "Hell Among the Yearlings" in D and "Hell Among the Moonshiners" in C 4 Adv Kenny Baker Room 32 Dave Reiner (fiddle) & John Robinson (guitar)

The oldtime HATY in D has two pleasing extra measures, although these can be dropped if you're playing for a dance.  The Texas tune HATM - in C, Cm, and G - is also called "Big Chief Sitting Bull" and ranges from spritely to dark to happy in its parts. 

Friday 6:30-7:30PM Fiddle, Mandolin Beyond Ornaments: Melodic Variations in Irish Traditional Tunes 4 Adv Buddy MacMaster Room 37 Laurel Martin (fiddle)

Perhaps you feel comfortable including ornaments and interesting bowing when you play traditional Irish tunes, but are looking for ways to make a tune your own? This is the class for you! We'll consider some of the conventions of variation in traditional Irish music, and then the class will work together to apply some variations to a traditional Irish reel, creating our own signature version of the tune.

Friday 7:30-8:00PM Any Instrument TEENS Teen Meetup on Friday Night (Ages 13-18 Only) Vassar Clements Room 391

Informally meet a few others your age at Fiddle Hell.  It's during a break, so you won't miss a workshop. There's another one on Saturday morning at 10:30.

Friday 7:30-8:00PM Any Treble Clef Readers FLASH MOB Read Through a Few Traditional Italian Tunes 3 High Int Jean Carignan Room 2 Bob Alessio (fiddle) & John Chambers (accordion)

Italian folk music is an important part of the country's musical heritage, and spans a diverse array of regional styles, instruments and dances. Sheet music will be provided at this very quick read-through. Bring a portable music stand if you have one.

Friday 8:00-9:00PM DANCE Easy Contra Dance with The Moving Violations Mellie Dunham Room 1 David Kaynor (caller) & The Moving Violations with Ron Grosslein (fiddle), Van Kaynor (fiddle) & Eric Eid-Reiner (piano)

No dance experience necessary!  All are welcome to dance or listen. The Moving Violations is (are?) a New England contra dance band with a playful, lawless energy that transcends borders of countries and encourages spontaneity and improvisation. The band features double fiddle harmonies and interaction! (No sit-ins tonight; that will happen at the Saturday night dance.)

Friday 8:00-9:00PM Fiddle DROP IN Help for Fiddlers with Rob 1 Beg 2 Low Int 3 High Int Dock Boggs Room 347 Rob Flax (fiddle)

Drop in for a few minutes or stay for a while. Technique, style, tone, improvisation, sounding bluesy. Rob will help you out.

Friday 8:00-9:00PM Mandolin DROP IN Help on Mandolin from Shana 1 Beg 2 Low Int 3 High Int 4 Adv Bill Monroe Room 345 Shana Aisenberg (mandolin)

We will focus on your mandolin questions on scales, arpeggios, pick direction, tremolo, chord shapes up the neck, and more. Drop in or stay for a while; Shana will also teach some exercises for developing and refining technique.

Friday 8:00-9:00PM Any Instrument Developing Melodic Variations 2 Low Int Don Messer Room 4 August Watters (mandolin)

Good for players who at least know their scales. August will use singing to get people to connect their ears to the melody on the fingerboard.

Friday 8:00-9:00PM Fiddle Introduction to Métis Fiddling 2 Low Int Joe Venuti Room 31 Bruce Molsky (fiddle)

Métis fiddling is a beautiful oldtime style based mostly in the Canadian prairies and upper midwestern US. The tunes are crooked and interesting, with melodies very similar to many American oldtime tunes. Bruce will demonstrate some Métis tunes and teach a fine one on the fiddle.

Friday 8:00-9:00PM Fiddle, Cello Slow Motion Irish Ornamentation 2 Low Int Julia Clifford Room 34 Gretchen Koehler (fiddle)

Ever wish you could slow down a player to see exactly what was happening during those lightening fast ornaments? Gretchen will break down a variety of left and right hand ornamentation, offering tips on speed & weight (bow/finger) during rolls, turns, flicks, cuts, grace notes, triplets and more. Check out Gretchen's CD "The Waxwing" (Irish Fiddle & Jazz Piano), featured on Thistle and Shamrock, Best New Sounds) at the FH Store. 

Friday 8:00-9:00PM Fiddle, Mandolin, Cello Secrets for Improvising over Chords on Western Swing Tunes 3 High Int Hjort Anders Olsson Room 6 Art Schatz (fiddle) & Marshall Racowsky (guitar)

We'll use a few well known Western Swing songs to explore ideas for playing jazzy solos over the chord changes.  We'll start with a simple blues-based song to review basic swing chords and find interesting ways to move among them while soloing. Art and Marshall play together in the Beantown Buckaroos. Odd, since Marshall's a chili judge and there are no beans in contest chili - go figure.

Friday 8:00-9:00PM Fiddle Learn Québecois "Reel de Gaspé" from Jean Carignan - Not the Usual One 3 High Int Sarah Armstrong Room 36 Éric Favreau (fiddle)

Do you know le Reel de Gaspé, the standard reel in D? Now you will know another tune with the same name in G, but completely different, from the exceptional fiddler Jean Carignan. This is a fine tune in the Québecois tradition. Look for Eric's recordings and transcription book in the FH store.

Friday 8:00-9:00PM Fiddle, Mandolin Tunes from the Repertoire of Franco American Fiddler Louis Beaudoin 3 High Int J. Scott Skinner Room 33 Pete Sutherland (fiddle)

Says Pete: "As a young buck who didn't know one style from another, I was unbelievably fortunate to be introduced to this ex-cop and radiator repairman living a mile from me in Burlington, VT. Louis and his music influenced me tremendously, and some of his tunes are deservedly well-known. I'll teach a couple more."

Friday 8:00-9:00PM Fiddle, Mandolin Learn a Classic Bluegrass Break for "I'm Going Back to Old Kentucky" 3 High Int Kenny Baker Room 32 Ellen Carlson (fiddle) & John Robinson (guitar)

This is a classic tune, with a common approach to the break. Once you've learned it, you'll have some great licks to borrow for other breaks.  JR will hold down the rhythm.

Friday 9:00-9:30PM NEW 52 CD Release Party - You're Invited! Tommy Jarrell Room 3

Join the Reiner Family Band in celebrating the recent release of our "52 Traditional Tunes from Fiddle Hell, Vol. 2: Played Fast and Slow"! Champagne toast (or soda); a few munchies, and a chance to say hi. These diverse and exciting tunes were carefully selected from FH attendees' suggestions on the 2013-2015 FH surveys, and we had a great time recording them. This party will flow into The Whomp! immediately afterwards in the same room.  

Friday 9:30-10:30PM Any Instrument THE WHOMP! Glowing Gathering of the Groove for All Instruments (Join at Any Time; Goes 'Til 11PM) 2 Low Int Tommy Jarrell Room 3 Andy Reiner (fiddle, octave mando, vocals) & Joy Adams (cello, banjo, vocals) & Stash Wyslouch (guitar, vocals) & Mali Obomsawin (bass)

A primal gathering of the groove, with tunes and songs from oldtime, blues, world, intergalactic and other traditions. Participatory, with the emphasis on spirit and community more than technique. Echoes of Meadowlark Music Camp and Rustic Roots, now right here at Fiddle Hell for the second time! 

Friday 9:30-10:30PM Fiddle TEACHERS How to Help Suzuki Violin Students Get Into Traditional Fiddle Styles 2 Low Int Sarah Armstrong Room 36 Amy Beshara (fiddle)

This is an important session for teachers of fiddle / violin. How can you leverage typical Suzuki student skills and knowledge, and add to this to get them playing traditional fiddle tunes?

Friday 9:30-10:30PM Any Treble Clef Readers, Any Instruments From Page to Stage: A "Note Reader's" Guide to Basic Oldtime Ornamentation 2 Low Int Don Messer Room 4 Gretchen Koehler (fiddle)

Players with note reading skills quickly notice that notated music leaves much to the imagination. Gretchen will show many great techniques such as shuffles, drones, slides and more that can be layered on the basic tune to give it a more authentic old time sound.

Friday 9:30-10:30PM Any Instrument New England Slow Jam at Night 2 Low Int Mellie Dunham Room 1 George Fowler (fiddle) & Flynn Cohen (guitar)

We can’t wait to jam with you! Tunes will be common repertoire similar to what you might find in The New England Fiddlers Repertoire book, but anyone is welcome to join whether familiar with the New England style or not. Bring your instruments, jokes, and favorite tunes to share. Since it's a slow jam, tunes are played 30-50% slower than usual. 

Friday 9:30-10:30PM Any Treble Clef Readers Waltz Playalong (1 of 3) (Music Provided, Dancers Welcome!) 3 High Int Hjort Anders Olsson Room 6 Bob Alessio (fiddle) & David Kaynor (guitar)

A warm, welcoming, waltz wonderland. Play by ear or read the music to drift along through a 3/4 landscape for an hour. Actual waltzers welcome. Two more waltz sessions on Sunday afternoon.

Friday 9:30-10:30PM Fiddle, Mandolin, Cello Klezmer 101 for Fiddlers 3 High Int Bob Wills Room 35 Clayton March (fiddle, clarinet) & Shana Aisenberg (fiddle, mandolin)

Klezmer is a rich musical tradition, with the fiddle (aka fidl) playing a prominent role in late 19th and early 20th century Eastern European ensembles. We'll explore scales such as freygish; learn to play an easy tune or two from the traditional repertoire of freilachs, bulgars, khosidls and horas; and discuss fiddle accompaniment. No previous knowledge of klezmer music is required. Don't forget the Klezmer jam at 12:30PM on Sunday.

Friday 9:30-10:30PM Fiddle, Mandolin East Clare Sweetness - Learn a Trad Irish Tune from East Clare 3 High Int Benny Thomasson Room 8 Laurel Martin (fiddle)

The subtle jewel of traditional Irish music, East Clare music is known for beautiful versions of tunes that are played with lovely rhythmic lift. Sweet yet sorrowful, the music of East Clare has a nuanced flavor that is unmistakable. Join us for this class, in which we will learn a tune from East Clare and explore ways to give it that special lilt. Take a look at Laurel's excellent CDs and books in the FH store.

Friday 9:30-10:30PM Fiddle, Mandolin, Cello, Guitar, Vocals Western Swing Jam at Night 3 High Int Lonnie Johnson Room 7 Paul Harty (guitar, vocals) & Art Schatz (fiddle, vocals)

Try some hot breaks on fiddle or just play melody and backup as Paul and Art lead you through classic tunes like Take Me Back to Tulsa.  Do you think Time Changes Everything?  Sorry, no Bubbles in My Beer, but maybe we'll try some twin or triple fiddling on Faded Love.


Registration and Fiddle Hell Store close until 8:00AM Saturday morning.  But THE WHOMP! continues until 11:00PM.

Friday DRINKS at Old Joe Clark's Pub 11PM-1AM Old Joe Clark's Pub Room 9

Thirsty? Drinks available at Old Joe Clark's Pub off the Lobby. Jam session! Last call is 12:30AM.

Friday 11:00PM-12:00AM Voice Sing Along with Fine Irish Ballads and Songs 1 Beg 2 Low Int 3 High Int 4 Adv Hjort Anders Olsson Room 6 Paul Harty (vocals, guitar)

Bring the day to a rousing close by singing some classic ballads, led by Paul. Irish ballads have simple melodies and great refrains, and sometimes there's even Whiskey in the Jar.

Friday 11:00PM-12:00AM Any Instrument OLD 52 & NEW 52 Beginner S l o w Jam to Finish the Day 1 Beg 2 Low Int Don Messer Room 4 Terri Lukačko (fiddle) & Art Bryan (guitar)

Congratulations, beginners! You've survived a day at Fiddle Hell and there's more to come.  Why not round out your day with a slow jam just for you?  Terri and Art will pick tunes from the Original 52 and New 52 common tune lists, such as Bile 'Em Cabbage Down, Angeline the Baker, Old Joe Clark, Gary Owen, Redwing, Soldier's Joy, Da Slockit Light, Ten Penny Bit, Jamie Allen, Road to Boston, Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine, and more.  You don't have to know them all - a slow jam helps you learn these.

Friday 11:00PM-12:00AM Fiddle, Mandolin, Cello Learn a Fun New England Tune "Eddie's Reel" Late at Night 2 Low Int Benny Thomasson Room 8 Ron Grosslein (fiddle)

Pack in one last fun tune for the first day of Fiddle Hell. While "Eddie's Reel" is not too hard to learn and play, it sounds great for listeners and dancers alike. Arpeggiated bliss...

Friday 11:00PM-12:00AM Any Instrument Late Night Jazz Standards Jam 3 High Int Bob Wills Room 35 Duncan Wickel (fiddle) & Flynn Cohen (guitar)

Lady Be Good? How High the Moon? Take the A Train? Satin Doll? Minor Swing? EMD? All of Me? Autumn Leaves? Bring your favorites to this late night jam. Duncan and Flynn will have some good suggestions, too, depending on who shows up. Fiddle, guitar, mandolin, cello, and any other instruments are welcome.

Friday 11:00PM-12:00AM Any Traditional Instrument Join Laurel, Amy, and Eamon for an Irish Jam Session 3 High Int Sarah Armstrong Room 36 Laurel Martin (fiddle) & Amy Beshara (fiddle) & Eamon Sefton (guitar)

Laurel Martin's fiddle playing moves with the joyful, lilting rhythm and the soulful nuance that she hears in the music of Clare and East Galway. Amy Beshara's channels an ancient Irish soul in her playing, and she knows a slew of tunes. And Eamon will lay down a great foundation for the tunes. Join in for an energetic late-night jam.

Saturday 12:00AM-7:00AM Any Instrument Jam Sessions Continue Throughout the Night Sarah Armstrong Room 36 Don Messer Room 4 Hjort Anders Olsson Room 6 Bob Wills Room 35 Lonnie Johnson Room 7 Benny Thomasson Room 8 No Leaders

The sounds are lovely, dark and deep, 
But I have promises to keep,
And tunes to go before I sleep, 
And tunes to go before I sleep.