Saturday Concert & Dance

Our Saturday night concert at 7:00-9:30PM on Nov. 3, 2018, WILL FEATURE an amazing lineup of 20+ traditional Players.

The following description is from 2017. Of course, 2018 will be similar. Featuring musicians Dave Reiner; Alan Kaufman / Ken Perlman; Rose Clancy; Andrea Beaton; Pete Sutherland; Gretchen Koehler / Rebecca Koehler; Don Roy; Rob Flax; Frank Ferrel; Lissa Schneckenburger; Duncan Wickel / Flynn Cohen; Ellen Carlson; Andy Reiner / Joy Adams; Rob Thomas; Tom Morley; Ron Grosslein / Van Kaynor / Eric Eid-Reiner; Judy Hyman; Éric Favreau; Abby Newton; Darol Anger; Bruce Molsky / Stash Wyslouch / Allison De Groot; and many excellent accompanists. Thanks to Tim Rowell and Oliver Scanlon for sound engineering and Eric Kilburn of Wellspring Sound for lighting. The concert is free if you’ve paid for Saturday or the Fiddle Hell weekend; walk-ins are $15 at the door. Tell your friends and family! The doors open around 6:30PM. We won't run out of tickets, but it's a good idea to arrive early if you need to park and buy tickets.

The concert will be followed from 9:30-11:00PM with an easy and fun Contra Dance - you can dance or sit in with the band. The dance is free if you're at the concert; there are no separate tickets just for the dance.

After the concert and dance, Fiddle Hell continues through the wee hours of Saturday night! There are more workshops (check out Andy Reiner's Free Improvisation for all levels) and several jams (New England, Oldtime, and more), until 7AM. We'll also have jamming until 1:00AM (last call at 12:30AM) at Old Joe Clark's Pub in the hotel. While you can stay up late on Saturday night if you like, don't forget there are another 110 workshops and jams starting at 9:30AM on Sunday (and a Warmup session at 8:30AM).

Free bonus to all attendees ... One extra hour of sleep Saturday night, thanks to Daylight Savings Time!