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Jenna Moynihan (New again in 2019)

Welcome  back to Fiddle Hell! Scottish fiddler and experimentalist Jenna Moynihan is from Lakewood, New York and is a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music. While studying, she was selected to receive the Fletcher Bright Award and The American Roots Music Award. She performs in a duo with Scottish harpist, Mairi Chaimbeul, and with Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards, and has performed and collaborated with Darol Anger & The Furies, Hamish Napier, Bruce Molsky, Matt Glaser, Kimberly Fraser, Phil Cunningham, and as a soloist at Symphony Hall with the Boston Pops. And she teaches at multiple fiddle camps.

On Jenna's new album, Woven, she darts back and forth like the shuttle in a loom, pulling the many strands of the Scottish fiddle tradition into a colorful tapestry that showcases her virtuosic control of her instrument as much as her deep sense of playfulness. The album was produced by Maeve Gilchrist, and the lineup includes cutting-edge Scottish harpist Mairi Chaimbeul, renowned bluegrass guitarist Courtney Hartman (Della Mae), New England Celtic guitarist Owen Marshall, plus all-star guest fiddlers: Duncan Wickel, Darol Anger, and Alex Hargreaves. As the harp rolls in counterpoint behind the racing fiddle lines, or as the guitar matches her beat for beat, this is music whose virtuosity lies in Jenna's construction of the atmosphere around each tune, and her delivery of each beautiful melody.

She's remarkably subtle at drawing out the melody of a tune, and at recognizing how each tune fits best into the acoustic grooves of her fiddle. "She is the best of the best in the new generation of freestyle fiddlers, with deep roots in the Celtic style. She's got it - the magic touch." - Darol Anger.

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