Registration Fees

Attendee type


Kid (17 or under) $125 $55 $35 $75 $45 $50
Young Adult (18-25)
$125 $55 $35 $75 $45 $50
Adult (26-64) $140 $60 $40 $85 $50 $55
Senior (65 or over) $125 $50 $35 $75 $45 $50
Non-Musician (parent, spouse)   $65 $35 $25 $45 $30 $30


It is fine to pay when you arrive at the Westford Regency in Westford, MA. Just show up when you like during the weekend, register and pay on-site with cash or check. We'll have a place for you! There is an ATM in the hotel lobby, and other ATMs nearby. 

Fees cover Fiddle Hell events, from workshops, jam sessions, and flash mobs to concerts, dances, and hallway jams. Wristbands are required in the Fiddle Hell area..  Fees do not cover lodging or food - those are up to you. 

2017 fees have increased slightly ($10 for the prepaid weekend, $5 for a single day) to help cover our costs for hotel function rooms and session rooms, lodging for instructors coming from far away, sound systems and lights, event insurance, and additional sessions.

If you can't quite afford the fee, let Dave know before Fiddle Hell; we have a limited amount of scholarship funds to assist fiddlers. If you're able to contribute to the scholarship fund to help your fellow fiddlers, please do so when you sign in at Fiddle Hell.

The Saturday night concert and contra dance are included if you've paid for Saturday or the weekend.


Kids (17 or under) are required to have an accompanying adult (or "young adult") at Fiddle Hell with them.  This might be a parent or relative, for example, or an older musical friend. The accompanying adult need not attend all sessions with the kid, but has the responsibility of supervising the kid's participation in Fiddle Hell activities.  An accompanying adult should be registered at Fiddle Hell in one of the musician categories or as a Non-Musician, and also listed on the kid's registration form.  Thanks for your understanding on this point.