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For Fiddle Hell in Westford, MA, which happens Nov 7-10, early bird registration will begin July 1st at noon EDT, and will end on September 30th at midnight EDT.

Register as an early bird for Fiddle Hell (which saves 10%), and you will be entered to win a beautiful and unique "head" violin!

This fiddle was played for many years by a busker in New Orleans. It's in the style of Gasparo Duiffopruggar, and is responsive and easy to play, with a clear and even tone across the strings. Carbon fiber bow and fitted case are included, for a value of about $1500.

3 4 Head FH head fiddle 11 24 min  Back Scroll FH head fiddle 11 24 min

Fiddle Bow Case FH head fiddle 11 24 min

Sign up in July for 3 chances to win this fiddle; in August for 2 chances; in September for 1 chance. We'll give away the fiddle to the lucky winner at the Saturday Night Concert, Nov 9, 2024 (you don't have to be at the concert to win).

Early birds will also be entered with those same chances to win two front-row seats at one of three different concerts at the Groton Hill Music Center, Groton, MA.
Sept 27th: BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet
Oct 4th: The Jacob Jolliff Band
Oct 19th: Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas

Other monthly early bird giveaways, matched to your musical interests, are books, CDs, strings, Fiddler magazines, and online lessons.

Why wait? And please tell your musical friends!