Joni Lohr has taken beautiful photos at Fiddle Hell 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 as our official photographer. Click on the links below.

For instructors, you may use these photos as you like, provided you give photo credit to Joni Lohr.

2019: Workshops  |  Jams/Vendors/Reception  |  Concerts

2018: Workshops  |  Hallway Jams  |  Concerts

2017: Workshops  |  Hallway Jams  |  Concerts

2016: All photos

A good place to look for great photos and albums -- and a few videos -- from past Fiddle Hells is on the Fiddle Hell Massachusetts Facebook group page for photos and for albums.

Some older photos from our 2008 Fiddle Hell are here


40 Fiddle Hell Online Jam videos, led by Fiddle Hell instructors in 2020, are posted at our YouTube channel (SUBSCRIBE!).

On YouTube, it is possible to slow jams down without changing the pitch of notes. Here's how:
1. Play the video in YouTube.
2. Hover your mouse in the center of the playing video and click on the Settings icon, which resembles a gear.
3. In the menu, scroll to find Playback speed and click it. YouTube gives you eight options for playback speed.

Here are five videos from Fiddle Hell 2012 at our prior location in Concord, MA. That was a while ago, but they nicely capture the spirit of Fiddle Hell.

Moments from Fiddle Hell
Ruminations from Fiddle Hell Attendees
Ruminations from Fiddle Hell Staff
Sandy Boys Jam at Fiddle Hell
Contra Dance at Fiddle Hell