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These How To's can also be found on the Whova event website (or the Whova Phone app) in the How To Resource (for registered attendees). Also take a look at Q&A for FH Online - that may help to answer your questions.

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How to Get the Best Audio and Video Quality
  • Use a laptop or desktop computer to attend Fiddle Hell Online - you'll see more. The phone app is rather nice in addition.
  • Use good quality headphones and plug them into your computer before joining each Zoom session (you may need to select your headphones as the output device in Zoom audio settings after joining the workshop). Alternatively, use good Bluetooth speakers.
  • More suggestions and tips may be added later.
How to Understand Workshop & Jam Descriptions

Looking at the Schedule page, you'll see that sessions at Fiddle Hell are arranged by date and time, with 30 minute breaks between sessions.
At most time slots, you'll find a  CONCERT , a  JAM , and five  WORKSHOPs .

 L1    L2    L3    L4  describe levels of difficulty and pace (more info on levels here).
 Styles  describe various traditional music styles; many sessions cover more than one style.  
 Instruments  are those targeted by the workshop or jam.

(not always in order) are shown with the instruments they're using for this session.
Descriptions give you exciting details of workshops, sometimes including tune names.
Use the date and track filters to focus on particular attributes, or use the very helpful search box.
Click on an instructor's name to see bio and sessions.

How to Find the Best Workshops or Jams for You

There are 35 concerts, 34 jams, and 160 workshops. During each of the four days Nov 5-8, we'll alternate one-hour sessions with 30-minute breaks, going from 10AM ET to 11PM ET. In almost every time slot, you'll find a concert, a jam, and 5 workshops (except during the Saturday Night Concert).

All workshop times listed on the schedule are in your local time zone, not ET.

To decide which sessions to attend...

  • Look at the  Style  (such as Old-Time, Irish, Scottish, New England, Bluegrass, etc.)
  • Look at the target  Instruments  (such as fiddle, cello, guitar, mandolin, old-time banjo, ...)
  • Look at the instructors or performers. Click on their names to read their bios.
  • Look at the level(s)  L1    L2    L3    L4  of the session (L1 Beginner, L2 Low Intermediate, L3 High Intermediate, L4 Advanced). The level affects both difficulty and pace. More info on levels here.
  • Look (especially!) at the session title and description

You won't miss out since you'll be able to replay sessions for 3 months afterwards, so it's fun to stretch out and try a new style or instrument - or just to relax and watch a fun concert. You don't need to sign up for individual sessions - just go where you like.

How to Pace Yourself at Fiddle Hell
  • Attend a mixture of concerts, jams, and workshops.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Stretch or walk around during breaks
  • Give yourself and your eyes a break from screens and devices
Note: Hour-long concerts, jams, and workshops will be available for replay, so if you miss them at the originally scheduled time, you can replay them later. 
How to Change Your Strings

Fiddle - Short Version
Fiddle - Long Version
Cello soon
Mandolin soon
Guitar soon
Banjo soon

How to Park at Fiddle Hell

You don't need to park at a virtual event. But you knew that...