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Starting in March, 2020, my wife Cindy and I took time every day to play tunes together, and we're still enjoying this. We've remembered old tunes and learned some new ones. Playing music takes us to a good place. As well, our son Andy and his wife Joy are doing a lot of creative playing, and our son Eric and his fiancée Autumn Rose are never far from their instruments.
Also in March, 2020, my family and I initiated the FIDDLE HELL ONLINE JAM, just about every Sunday at 8PM Eastern time and sometimes on Wednesday at 5PM Eastern time, live streaming on the Fiddle Hell Massachusetts Facebook group. We paused the jams for a while after the first Fiddle Hell Online, then resumed for a few in 2021. 
The jams were on Facebook live initially. We now also stream them to YouTube. In fact, we recorded all 45 of the Fiddle Hell Online Jams, and put them on our YouTube Channel so you can play along! Some tunes are from the Fiddle Hell Common Tune List. Most tunes are at intermediate level, with a few easier ones and sometimes a few advanced ones. You can play along at full speed, or slow them down without changing the pitch (click on the Settings icon in YouTube, which looks like a gear on the lower right, and pick the playback speed).

Click here on our online Tip Jar (now, during, or after the jams) to contribute with credit/debit cards, PayPal, or checks. 80% goes to the musicians, 20% to Fiddle Hell scholarships and expenses. Say who it's for if you're donating after the jam is over.
Speaking more broadly, these are truly difficult times for all of us, especially for musicians who thrive on community. I hope you are doing ok, staying healthy, and coping with the wrenching changes to everyday life.

It's a good time to concentrate on tunes, and also to support your favorite performers in their online and virtual performances until life tilts back in the direction of normal.

My family and I wish you all the best in the broad, diverse, and supportive Fiddle Hell community!

Please let us know how you're doing.

Dave Reiner


Watch the recent jam videos below, see the playlists, and jam along on our Fiddle Hell YouTube Channel. You can slow these down (click on the gear icon to select the speed).

Click here on our online Tip Jar (now, during, or after jams) to contribute with credit/debit cards, PayPal, or checks. 80% goes to the musicians (who are donating the money to a local organization), 20% to Fiddle Hell scholarships. Say who it's for if you're donating after the jam is over.

Feb 7, led by Andy Reiner (fiddle, octave mandolin) & Joy Adams (cello, banjo, mandolin, vocals)
, for old-time, Irish, New England, world tunes.
Feb 14, led by Judy Hyman (fiddle) & Jeff Claus (guitar, banjo uke), for old-time tunes. 
Feb 21, led by Vi Wickam (fiddle) & Franklin Taggart (guitar), for old-time, Irish, & New England tunes.
Feb 28, led by Shana Aisenberg (fiddle, mandolin) & Beverly Woods (piano), for old-time, contra dance, & Klezmer tunes.
March 7, led by Rob Flax (fiddle, guitar, mandolin, vocals), for blues, jazz, & swing.
March 14, led by Amand Aromin (fiddle, vocals) & Benedict Gagliardi (concertina, guitar, vocals), for Irish & folk tunes [The Vox Hunters].
March 21, Meet Fiddle Hell Online instructors, who will chat briefly about their workshops and play you a tune (join in if you like).
March 29, Meet more Fiddle Hell Online instructors.
April 4, Meet more Fiddle Hell Online instructors.
April 11, 8-9PM EST, on Facebook Live and Zoom. Meet more Fiddle Hell Online instructors.


35 different jams on April 7-10, 2022 (replayable for 4 months), at Fiddle Hell Online (and also 35 concerts + 175 workshops).
These jams won't be posted to YouTube - they are just available by attending Fiddle Hell Online.


The easiest way to view previous jam videos is on our Fiddle Hell YouTube Channel (please SUBSCRIBE). Videos include a description of the jam leaders and their instruments, and usually the list of tunes in the jam (sometimes in order, sometimes not). The YouTube playlists on our channel will let you browse New England jams, Oldtime jams, Irish jams, French Canadian jams, Cajun jams, Bluegrass jams, and more.

On YouTube, it is possible to slow jams down without changing the pitch of notes. Here's how:
1. Play the video in YouTube.
2. Hover your mouse in the center of the playing video and click on the Settings icon, which resembles a gear.
3. In the menu, scroll to find Playback speed and click it.
4. YouTube gives you eight options for playback speed.

You can contribute to the Tip Jar for previous jams (just say who it's for where it says "Add a note" on the last screen before donating).

As an alternative to YouTube, you can replay previous jam videos on Facebook by clicking on the links in the list below. On Facebook, the videos are not trimmed (as they are on YouTube), so you may have to advance videos a few minutes to get to the first tune). However, you are able to see comments made during the jam in a Facebook video replay.

March 25, led by Andy Reiner (fiddle, mandolin) & Joy Adams (cello, banjo)
, for oldtime, world, and Rustic Roots tunes. The playlist and keys were posted in the Facebook group, with a link to the Rustic Roots tunebook with some of the tunes written out. 

April 1, led by Autumn Rose Lester (fiddle) & Eric Eid-Reiner (piano), for New England and Irish tunes at an intermediate level.  
April 7, led by Dave Reiner (fiddle, mandolin) & Cindy EId (banjo, bodhrán), for songs and easier oldtime tunes, and a few Western Swing and Irish ones.
April 15, led by Alan Kaufman (fiddle) & Vern Imrich (guitar), for oldtime tunes and songs.
May 6, led by Joy Adams (cello, fiddle, dulcimer) and Andy Reiner (fiddle, octave mandolin) for oldtime, world, Irish, and Rustic Roots tunes.
May 10, led by Ellery Klein (fiddle) for Irish traditional tunes.
May 13, led by Patrick M'Gonigle (fiddle) & Allison de Groot (banjo), for bluegrass and oldtime tunes & songs.
May 17, led by Mitch Reed (fiddle), for Cajun and a few Irish tunes & songs.
May 20, led by David Surette (guitar, mandolin, vocals) & Susie Burke (guitar, vocals) & Isa Burke (fiddle, vocals), for Irish tunes, Carter family songs, & more.  Best viewed on YouTube. On Facebook, split into four videos due to technical issues at Reel de Montreal in G, Kesh Jig in G and Gold Watch and Chain in E, Michael Turner's Waltz in G, It Hurts Me Too in D, Shove That Pig's Foot a Little Further in the Fire in G, April with the Flying Bow/Frank's Reel in A, Cold Frosty Morning in Am and Cold Frosty Morning in Am, Foggy Mt. Top in G, Over the Waterfall in D, Maison de Glace in D and www. Maison de Glace in D, Quite Early Morning in C, The Party Tune in D, Colours in C, Cliffs of Moher in Am, Red Red Robin in A, June Apple in A.
May 24, led by Jerry Bryant (guitar, uke, bones, concertina, vocals), for folk songs, sea shanties, hornpipes, & more 
May 27, led by Becky Tracy (fiddle) & Keith Murphy (guitar, vocals), for New England & French Canadian tunes & songs. 
May 31, led by Kevin Burke (fiddle), for Irish traditional tunes (jam starts around the 5 minute mark).
June 3, led by Laura Orshaw (fiddle, vocals) & Tony Watt (guitar, vocals), for bluegrass tunes and songs.
June 7, led by Ellen Carlson (fiddle, vocals), for bluegrass and oldtime fiddle tunes, and a few classic country songs. 
June 10, led by Autumn Rose Lester (fiddle) & Eric Eid-Reiner (piano), for New England & Irish tunes.
June 14, 8PM ET, Sunday, led by Pete Sutherland (fiddle, piano, banjo, guitar) & McKinley James (cello), New England tunes. 
June 24, 5PM ET, Wednesday, led by Baron Collins-Hill (mandolin, bouzouki), for New England, Irish, Scottish, and French Canadian tunes. 
June 28, 8PM ET, Sunday, led by Lorraine Hammond (mandolin, dulcimer, banjo, harp, vocals) & Bennett Hammond(guitar, banjo, autoharp, vocals), for Appalachian mountain songs, oldtime & Irish tunes. 
July 1, 5PM ET, Wednesday, led by Glen Loper (mandolin, tenor banjo) & Bethany Waickman (guitar, piano), for Contradance tunes (New England, Irish, Oldtime).
July 15, 5PM ET, Wednesday,led by Andy Reiner (fiddle, mandolin) & Joy Adams (cello, banjo) with a focus on Acoustic Grooves - favorite tunes from their band Half Pelican, their camp Rustic Roots, and the Fiddle Hell Whomp Jam. The jam encompassed oldtime, Irish, New England, Scandinavian, and world genres, with jigs, reels, waltzes, and more.
July 19, 8PM ET, Sunday, led by Dr. Richard Brown (mandolin, vocals) & Margaret Gerteis (bass, vocals), for bluegrass.
July 22, 5PM ET, Wednesday,led by Shana Aisenberg (fiddle, mandolin, guitar, piano), covering East European tunes to Appalachian Oldtime, with a bit of Klezmer thrown in. Music will be available for the less common tunes.
July 26, 8PM ET, Sunday, led by Jenna Moynihan (fiddle), for Scottish tunes fast and slow (and a few from Cape Breton).
August 9, 8PM ET, Sunday, Pam Weeks (fiddle) & Bill Olson (guitar) for an easy jam on New England and Oldtime tunes.
August 16, 8PM ET, Sunday, Andrea Beaton (fiddle) & Betty Beaton (piano) for a Cape Breton / Scottish session.
August 23, 8PM ET, Sunday, George Fowler (fiddle) & Art Bryan (guitar) for a Contra Dance tune jam. Best viewed on YouTube.
August 26, 5PM ET, Wednesday, Too Blue from Connecticut, with Betsy Rome (guitar), Joan Harrison (banjo), and Michael Sassano (mandolin), for a Bluegrass and Swing jam. Best viewed on YouTube.
August 30, 8PM ET, Sunday, Beth Bahia Cohen (fiddle), for a Romanian, Hungarian, Klezmer, Greek, and Turkish jam (music provided online). 
September 6, 8PM ET, Sunday, Mitch Reed (fiddle) for a Cajun & Creole jam
September 13, 8PM ET, Sunday, Judy Hyman (fiddle) & Jeff Claus (guitar) for an Old-Time Jam.  Best viewed on YouTube.
September 20, 8PM ET, Sunday, Laurel Martin (fiddle) for an Irish traditional jam. Best viewed on YouTube